Thursday, October 27, 2011

Delightful Details

Recently smitten by all sorts of delightful details that seem to add that something special to an outfit. Whether it's a lovely backless dress with a whimsical bow sweeping the lower back, or a chic leather cuff complementing a lovely purse, or a bold pencil-line running down the back of sheer black tights - it's the details that captivate me the most! Here's are some of my current favorites in no particular order... well... except for the first which might just be the most delightful of them all! 

~ image 1 here, image 2 here, image 3 here, image 4 here, image 5 here, image 6 here, image 7 here, image 8 here, image 9 here & image 10 here

Monday, October 24, 2011

French Chic

I simply adore French style and decided a short post about french chic was in order! 
Wouldn't you agree that somehow French women always look flawless?! Not only that, but they make it look effortless... as though they simply threw the outfit together in a quick moment and voilà! Here are a few elements (and some gorgeous images to follow) that seem to make up french style...
simplicity and minimalism. here skinny jeans, solid colors (with lots of blacks),  a classic trench, and of course the striped tee are absolute staples!   
details details details! yes, its all in the details when it comes to French women... whether it's a sexy pair of shoes, or a gorgeous purse, or an over-sized scarf in the winter and a lovely silk one elegantly tied around the neck in the summer... it's the details that transform a look from basic to perfectly chic!  
investment pieces. French women often remark that they don't own tons of clothes, shoes, and accessories - rather they buy the basics and complement them with a few investment pieces that while expensive, last a lifetime!
What's your favorite elements of french style?

image 1 here, image 2 here, image 3 &4 hereimage 5 here
image 6 hereimage 7  here, & image 8 here

Friday, October 21, 2011

Little Black Dress

Every woman should have one of these, if not several, in her wardrobe!
here's a lovely one from Tory Burch - along with some of her advice 
on shopping for the perfect little black dress!

"I love color and print, but a black dress is a perennial. It can have a cool edge with some kind of tone-on-tone detail or textural pattern. I especially like the idea of a long sequined sleeve or velvet devore dots. A bold shoe, statement jewelry or a chic envelope clutch is an easy way to make it fresh and different." — Tory 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

White & Gold / Black & Gold

I simply adore the combination of white & gold and black & gold...whether it's gold jewelry with a white or black silk top, or gold sequence on a black cocktail dress, or gold accents on a lovely black leather purse, or gold sparkles on a set of shoes, or even a lovely gold buckle on a belt! whatever the & gold and white & gold is always gorgeous, always classic, always effortless! Wouldn't you agree?!

Here are some of my current favorites... 



image 1 here, image 2 here, image 3 here, image 4 here, image 5 here
image 6 here, image 7 here, image 8 here, image 9 here, image 10 here
image 12 here, image 13 here, image 14 here, image 15 here


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tree of Life

Still haven't had a chance to see this movie with Brad Pitt and Sean Pean which I've heard is visually break taking!! here are a few amazing movie stills....

all images found here 

p.s. here's the official trailer

Monday, October 17, 2011


I know this might be a little late - but having just joined the blogosphere - I had to post about Chloé's Winter 2011-2012 ad campaign! isn't it simply delightful?! I especially adore the lightness these photographs exude...

~all images found here

Oh, am currently wearing this lovely Chloé eau de toilette spray with a bottle that might just be lovelier than the delightful rose scent itself!

Pretty in Pink

Aren't these baby pink tassel leather earrings lovely?! just came across them on Etsy

... And on the subject of Pretty in Pink, here's some more loveliness on Etsy...

~images found hereherehere & here

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