Monday, October 24, 2011

French Chic

I simply adore French style and decided a short post about french chic was in order! 
Wouldn't you agree that somehow French women always look flawless?! Not only that, but they make it look effortless... as though they simply threw the outfit together in a quick moment and voilà! Here are a few elements (and some gorgeous images to follow) that seem to make up french style...
simplicity and minimalism. here skinny jeans, solid colors (with lots of blacks),  a classic trench, and of course the striped tee are absolute staples!   
details details details! yes, its all in the details when it comes to French women... whether it's a sexy pair of shoes, or a gorgeous purse, or an over-sized scarf in the winter and a lovely silk one elegantly tied around the neck in the summer... it's the details that transform a look from basic to perfectly chic!  
investment pieces. French women often remark that they don't own tons of clothes, shoes, and accessories - rather they buy the basics and complement them with a few investment pieces that while expensive, last a lifetime!
What's your favorite elements of french style?

image 1 here, image 2 here, image 3 &4 hereimage 5 here
image 6 hereimage 7  here, & image 8 here


  1. Hi Ellie,
    First of all, I adore your name! It's my favorite!
    I too love the seemingly uncomplicated yet very chic style of French women (especially those stripe shirts!)

  2. Great photos, I like the outfit collages

  3. i agree- parisian women have something special that makes them look so polished and put together. thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to hear from you again soon. tweet at me sometime, @jemappellegaby!


  4. Hello Ellie and thanks for popping in to glamour drops to introduce yourself! Yes, it's an interesting question about what that elusive factor is that makes Parisian women so chic. I think your observations are all spot on - especially the details bit. But I think it is also perhaps a certain feminine air, something intangible, in the way they walk, talk & stand. Perhaps it is confidence, perhaps a sense of wanting to always appear elegant? I don't know, but it's fascinating! Virginia xx

  5. Dear Ellie, I think the epitome of french chic is that the french women have this ability to dress as if they made no particular effort (chic effortless look) - and they are confident - love the french style.

  6. Virginia - absolutely agree with you that French women have that wonderful, confident feminine air!
    Thanks all for your thoughts - can't get enough of French style!
    xo Ellie

  7. Fantastic post! There really is a certain glamour in their simplicity...I love how they dress!

  8. oh yesss.... French style is really amazing. Just simply and beauty, of course minimalism look great, but it isn't for everyone :)


  9. Hi Ellie! Thanks for popping in on Bella Boho. Your blog is lovely! So needed your French Chic post to help pack for my weekend away ;)

  10. wow love your style and your blog!

    Im following you now!


  11. That photo of Miranda Kerr is a great find! Despite her being an Aussie, that is definitely a "French" look :P

    xx T
    Le Fanciulle

  12. great photos! and yes.. I think french invest in pieces they LOVE (not just like) and whatever they choose from their closets will be fabulous looking..


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