Thursday, October 20, 2011

White & Gold / Black & Gold

I simply adore the combination of white & gold and black & gold...whether it's gold jewelry with a white or black silk top, or gold sequence on a black cocktail dress, or gold accents on a lovely black leather purse, or gold sparkles on a set of shoes, or even a lovely gold buckle on a belt! whatever the & gold and white & gold is always gorgeous, always classic, always effortless! Wouldn't you agree?!

Here are some of my current favorites... 



image 1 here, image 2 here, image 3 here, image 4 here, image 5 here
image 6 here, image 7 here, image 8 here, image 9 here, image 10 here
image 12 here, image 13 here, image 14 here, image 15 here



  1. what a gorgeous post! i absolutely adore this metal/soft textures theme going on...especially the photo of the brown jacket w/zips and bangles...stunning


  2. Ooh I'm loving these pieces, especially a lot of the bags :)

  3. Really great post! I especially love the ring/bracelet combo in the first photo.

  4. These are all gorgeous pictures, I especially love the shirt with the gold collar x

  5. Love that combo! Fun blog. I really enjoy it:)

  6. thank you lovelies!!! i hope you have a wonderful weekend...and if you get a chance have a look at my newest post on the little black dress xoxo

  7. What a pretty post! And your little black dress post is darling too! Have a great week.

    xo- vanessa ( the gal)

  8. beautiful collection love that pump
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