Monday, October 17, 2011


I know this might be a little late - but having just joined the blogosphere - I had to post about Chloé's Winter 2011-2012 ad campaign! isn't it simply delightful?! I especially adore the lightness these photographs exude...

~all images found here

Oh, am currently wearing this lovely Chloé eau de toilette spray with a bottle that might just be lovelier than the delightful rose scent itself!


  1. I may be slightly biased because my precious little monkey is named Chloe...everything looks gorgeous!

  2. katrina, you might just be - but so am I! :)

  3. The colors of the ads are so pretty. I love the nudes/pinks/pastels.


  4. me too! especially the pastels...oh and the green is LOVELY too right!? :)

  5. oh love the green outfit.. more than anything the photography.. I see you are new in the blogosphere (more than me) so welcome!!! :)


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